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5 reasons to sign up for your first group adventure

So I am guessing you have scrolled through our website and taken a look at our trips and you are thinking Wow! This looks amazing! If you already hit the sign me up button, hell Yeah! Good for you. You are about to go on an adventure of epic proportions.

However, if you have that little nervous feeling in your belly but you're still considering it, that is a good thing. That is completely normal. Every single person that signs up for a group adventure has that same feeling. That means you’re ready. Here are five reasons to go ahead and pull that trigger, and sign up today.

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Why I started Life with Adventure

My name is Michael Butts, founder of Life with Adventure. I am a personal trainer living in Boulder, CO (a.k.a Adventure Town USA). I have been in love with fitness, travel and adventure my whole life. Throughout my 20’s and early 30’s I was fortunate enough to have traveled to over 40 countries.

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5 Books that inspired me to a life with adventure

As the end of the year approaches I start to think about all the cool adventures I was lucky to be apart of. I also start planning awesome adventures for next year. The calendar is already starting to fill up and I am pretty excited. 

Sometimes I get my ideas from friends and family often times I get my ideas for adventure from the books I have read. Here is a list of books that have inspired me to live a life of adventure. 

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