5 reasons to sign up for your first group adventure


So I am guessing you have scrolled through our website and taken a look at our trips and you are thinking Wow! This looks amazing! If you already hit the sign me up button, hell Yeah! Good for you. You are about to go on an adventure of epic proportions.

However, if you have that little nervous feeling in your belly but you're still considering it, that is a good thing. That is completely normal. Every single person that signs up for a group adventure has that same feeling. That means you’re ready. Here are five reasons to go ahead and pull that trigger, and sign up today.


1. You dont have to worry about planning or unexpected cost.

No one has time to spend months researching their trip, plus the guidebooks can only give you so much. When it comes to planning your trips we do it all for you. We do this because we love it. Our business is built on passion and an obsession with travel, adventure and fitness. Everyone at Life with Adventure eats, sleeps and breathes this stuff. We work hard so you don’t have to. The hardest part of your trip will be going home.


2. You will have Unforgettable experiences.

You took a look at the website, right? You saw how awesome these adventures are? We are all about fun, exhilaration and excitement. We will take you to unique places we know and LOVE. Our goal is to take the intrepid, challenge them a bit and reward them a lot in awesome destinations for the trip of a lifetime. Learn More!


3. We know the place better.

You will get to see things you might not be able to see on your own. Our adventure ambassadors have insider knowledge about the area. You will be able to visit places and try things that are popular among the locals but aren't as well known to the general public. .


4. Like minded people.

Let’s face it, in today's world when so many people have their face buried in their phones it is becoming more and more difficult to meet like minded people. Traveling in a group means you are sharing the experience with others who have similar mindset. People who enjoy travel, fitness, healthy food, running, climbing, biking, paddling, skiing, rappelling, swimming….. All the same things that you love.


5. New Friendships.

They might all be strangers when you meet the first evening of the trip, but I guarantee they won't be by the time you leave. There is something about the aspect of travel and adventure that fosters an immediate bond. After creating a wealth of memories you will return home with a new network of friends from all over the country. The next time you are having a serious craving for adventure you may even travel with them again.


Are you ready yet? Choose your adventure.