Why I started Life with Adventure


My name is Michael Butts, founder of Life with Adventure. I am a personal trainer living in Boulder, CO (a.k.a Adventure Town USA). I have been in love with fitness, travel and adventure my whole life. Throughout my 20’s and early 30’s I was fortunate enough to have traveled to over 40 countries. I love love love to travel and see new places.  It was during my travels around the world that I decided to become a personal trainer. When I travel I like to stay in shape and work out in exotic places. Exercising has always given me the energy I need to see the world and experience more.

In addition to getting fitness and nutrition requests from friends, coworkers and other travelers, I have always been asked how I was able to travel so much. I do not come from a wealthy family. Quite the opposite. I remember bailing hay on a farm at 13 years old just to buy my own pair of wrestling shoes. I was tired of getting hand me down shoes from my older brother. I learned to simply work hard, save my money and the biggest factor, commitment.  When I went on my first international trip I spent every penny I had saved on the plane ticket. I was committed. I knew I had 10 weeks to work hard and save as much money as I could before I flew to S.E. Asia.  Make it so you have no other choice. Commit!

During the last seven years working as a trainer around the world, I have heard a lot of stories about other people’s vacations or holidays. So many times I have heard people come home from a trip away and they tell me how poorly they feel because they ate unhealthy food, drank way too much and didn’t exercise for a week in Mexico or where ever. Why do that to yourself? That is not a vacation I want to go on. When you spend your hard earned money on a trip, and sacrifice the time to go away you should be coming home feeling refueled, energized and ready to go back to your life and crush!

That is the reason why I started Life with Adventure. Life with Adventure is a company that leads small group, multi-sport fitness and adventure retreats.  I want to combine all the elements I believe are most important in life.  I am passionate about health and fitness. It doesn’t matter to me if I am on vacation or not. I like to move my body. Motion creates emotion and emotion is life. You will always feel better after a workout. I don’t diet. I eat healthy because it is a lifestyle. Eating good food gives me the energy I need to do the things I love. Lastly, I want to see the world. Not just see the world, but experience it. I want it to change me. Adventures should be exciting, unique experiences, which may be bold,  but will always be worth it. I want to do all of this with awesome like minded people. That is what Life with Adventure is all about. When we go on our trips we are going to eat great food. We are going to move our bodies and work out in exotic locations and we are going to run, climb, bike, paddle, ski, rappel, swim ….. as many activities that we can do in the little time we have on this great planet.

So if you are like me and want adventure, fun, exhilaration and excitement...  if you’re looking to break out of your comfort zone, move your body see the world with great people and live life with adventure then join me on our next trip.